Real estate data sourced, segmented, and delivered daily.

Intuitive Record Sourcing

Our API crawler transforms real estate data management by efficiently sourcing and segmenting property records, delivering them directly to your dashboard.

The Fastest Delivery

Our system ensures the swift daily delivery of sourced and segmented real estate data directly to your dashboard.


We're changing the real estate game.

DataListPro, our API tool that enables real estate investors to quickly access and assess property data from public records, is unlike any offering on the market. Designed for efficiency and speed, it simplifies the process of data gathering and analysis, helping investors make informed decisions faster. With DataListPro, accessing and leveraging real estate data has never been more straightforward.


Success Stories

Success Texts

"DataListPro has been a game-changer in my property sourcing process. It's not just about finding properties, but finding the right ones quickly. This tool led me to a flip that turned out to be extremely profitable. A must-have for any serious real estate investor."
Jeremy Kolt
"Starting in real estate can be daunting, but DataListPro made it much simpler. Its user-friendly interface and accurate data helped me confidently make my first investment. The result was a 20% profit on my initial flip, a testament to the tool's reliability."
Adam Miller
"I've used DataListPro for three different property flips this year, and each one has been a success. The tool's detailed insights and analysis have been key in making profitable decisions. It's become an indispensable part of my flipping strategy."
Kyle Johnson
"DataListPro has significantly impacted my profit margins. Its insights into market trends and property values have allowed me to select and rehab properties more strategically. My recent flips, guided by DataListPro, have seen a 30% increase in profits compared to my previous projects."
Luke Olpha
"The depth of analysis provided by DataListPro is outstanding. It led me to invest in a lesser-known neighborhood that was identified as up-and-coming. This move resulted in a flip that far exceeded my profit expectations. An invaluable tool for making smart investment decisions."
Mike Dwall
"DataListPro has given me an edge in the competitive real estate market. Its efficient property sourcing and comparative analysis capabilities led to my latest project being the most profitable in my portfolio. This tool has truly transformed my approach to real estate investing."
Jake Field