LiquidFunds adopts a multifaceted strategy, combining data-driven insights, a thorough investment and risk management process, and strong investor-operator expertise. This approach is applied across the entire lifecycle of an investment, aiming to improve results and ensure effective execution.

1. Management Oriented Approach

We aim to make investments advantageous for investors and tenants, using data-driven strategies to evaluate assets from their perspective. This approach considers an asset’s full lifecycle in our investment decisions.


2. Investment Management

We identify and evaluate a wide range of investment opportunities, selecting only the most promising for underwriting. Our ability to consistently discover both on-market and off-market deals ensures a strong pipeline, enabling us to achieve outstanding performance.


3. Property Management

Performance is propelled by active, sector-focused asset management. Our team is deeply involved in every stage of the buying, managing, holding, and selling process. Throughout the lifecycle of an investment, we aim to enhance value at the most impactful moments.